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Is it worth it to pay for professional headshot?

FAQ: Is it worth it to pay for professional headshot?

Yes, it is often worth it to pay for a professional headshot. A high-quality headshot can have many benefits, including:

  1. Creating a professional image: A professional headshot can help you present a polished, professional image, which can be important for job applications, corporate profiles, and other professional settings.
  2. Making a strong first impression: A great headshot can make a strong first impression and help you stand out from other applicants or competitors.
  3. Building credibility: A professional headshot can help establish credibility and build trust with potential clients or partners.
  4. Enhancing your personal brand: A high-quality headshot can be a key element of your personal brand, helping you communicate your unique qualities and values.
  5. Saving time and hassle: While it may be tempting to take your own headshot or have a friend take it, working with a professional photographer can save you time and hassle, as they have the equipment, expertise, and experience to create a high-quality image.

Of course, the cost of a professional headshot can vary depending on the photographer but hear at MAD Photography you can view our price lists here and even book with us online with £0 deposit. A great headshot can be a valuable investment in your personal or professional brand.


I have known Mark for over 20 years I am pleased to say I still send actors to him, He has a brilliantly relaxed style and is always a pleasure to deal with. Always confident that the shots will be of the highest quality.

Our goal is to achieve a range of looks and styles for all our individual clients.