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Is it worth it to pay for professional headshot?

FAQ: Is it worth it to pay for professional headshot?

Yes, it is often worth it to pay for a professional headshot. A high-quality headshot can have many benefits, including:

  1. Creating a professional image: A professional headshot can help you present a polished, professional image, which can be important for job applications, corporate profiles, and other professional settings.
  2. Making a strong first impression: A great headshot can make a strong first impression and help you stand out from other applicants or competitors.
  3. Building credibility: A professional headshot can help establish credibility and build trust with potential clients or partners.
  4. Enhancing your personal brand: A high-quality headshot can be a key element of your personal brand, helping you communicate your unique qualities and values.
  5. Saving time and hassle: While it may be tempting to take your own headshot or have a friend take it, working with a professional photographer can save you time and hassle, as they have the equipment, expertise, and experience to create a high-quality image.

Of course, the cost of a professional headshot can vary depending on the photographer but hear at MAD Photography you can view our price lists here and even book with us online with £0 deposit. A great headshot can be a valuable investment in your personal or professional brand.


'After graduating from drama school in New York, I had headshots that I liked…but they felt a little too ‘American’ and they weren't really me…in other words, a little too glamorous/model like and not really true to how I am as an actor. Mark, on the other hand, has given me something I know shows me off in my best, most natural light. Our session was so easy, comfortable and enjoyable…I haven’t done photos in so long but Mark made me feel right at home and I left with not only an abundance of great snaps (seriously, what a good position for an actor to be in when you’re spoiled for choice in picking headshots!) but so much wonderful insight and knowledge into the industry. I cannot recommend him more highly – thank you so much again, Mark!!'

Our goal is to achieve a range of looks and styles for all our individual clients.