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Are headshots still a thing?

FAQ: Are headshots still a thing?

Yes, headshots are still a valuable and important tool in many industries and contexts. In fact, they have become even more important in the age of social media and online networking.

Here are some examples of industries and contexts where headshots are commonly used:

  1. Acting and modelling: Headshots are a standard requirement for actors and models, as they help casting directors and agents get a sense of the performer's look and range.
  2. Business and corporate: Headshots are often used for professional networking sites like LinkedIn, company websites, and marketing materials to showcase a professional image.
  3. Personal branding: Headshots are also used by entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals to create a strong personal brand and establish a professional image online.
  4. Social media: Headshots are often used on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, to create a professional and approachable image.

Overall, headshots continue to be a powerful tool for representing oneself professionally and creating a strong personal brand. While the styles and trends may change over time, the importance of a strong and professional headshot remains relevant.


Earlier this year I entered the Mandy Monologue Competition and with the help of my wonderful supportive fellow actors who voted for me, I managed to WIN! As part of the prize package I got a headshot session with Mark and I am beyond happy with the results. Headshots can be a blooming awful experience, the pressure to get the hair, make up and tops right, then to get infant of the camera and try and do everything while doing nothing is for me a tad terrifying. Enter Mark. A really lovely Guy, he put me at ease straight away, asked me about myself, casting, experience etc and explained what he thought we should go for looks wise. He helped me choose the best tops and gave me brilliant advice on hair and make up. What I loved especially with Mark is the way he explained the process. I'm someone who likes to understand things, I'm an actor and I like good direction and that's what he did. By explaining what he was looking for and what makes a great shot and then giving feedback about what I was doing he quickly managed to get me into a state where I was able to make an offering and give something to the camera, rather than sitting like a stunned deer in the headlights! After the shoot Mark kindly let me sit with Tea and flick through the pictures to get abs idea of what we had got and I was blown away. The images were brilliant and not because they were overly posed but because they were just me but alive and ready, this naturally meant that the process of narrowing the 300 odd pictures to my final 3 was a real challenge! I put out a shortlist to Twitter, Facebook, Friends, Family and industry folk and the reacting was so great and the final 3 I have chosen I feel incredibly happy with. They offer range or age, casting and states of strength and vulnerability. I can not recommend Mark enough, he is professional, personable, and  a great photographer an absolute dream to work with. THANK YOU MARK!!

Our goal is to achieve a range of looks and styles for all our individual clients.