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How to Pose for a Headshot?

FAQ: How to Pose for a Headshot?

Preparing for your professional headshot goes beyond choosing the right attire; it's crucial to master your posing technique. Fortunately, looking outstanding in a headshot is simpler than it seems. Your primary goal should be to follow your photographer's guidance closely.

Professional photographers are experts at making you look your best. Here are some key tips they might share:

  1. Lean In: A common mistake is leaning back when you're feeling uneasy about being photographed, which can result in an unappealing angle. Surprisingly, leaning slightly towards the camera can make you appear slimmer and minimize any 'double chin' effect by elongating your neck.
  2. Adjust Your Chin: To combat a double chin, resist the urge to lift your head. This might inadvertently offer a view up your nose, which is less than ideal. Instead, your photographer will advise you to push your chin forward and then slightly down, smoothing your neck and avoiding the double chin effect without compromising the photo's angle.
  3. Sideways Stance: Facing the camera directly is often the least flattering pose. Positioning your body at an angle, however, can create a more slender appearance.
  4. Natural Smiles: While smiling is essential for a headshot, maintaining a smile for too long can result in a strained expression. Photographers typically conduct a few test shots to adjust settings, so there's no need to constantly smile. Relax your face between shots to avoid a forced smile. A genuine, refreshed smile can make a significant difference in how natural and engaging your headshot looks.

By adhering to these guidelines from your photographer, you can ensure your headshot not only looks professional but also captures your best self.


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Suzie (Mila’s mummy) Sylvia Young Agency

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