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    A passion for actors portraiture, we will capture headshots that represent you!

    Actor Michael Praed
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    Number one for musical theatre performers

    Actress Miriam-Teak Lee
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    Matilda Hart Italia Conti
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    Theatre Schools and Agency shoots

    Young actor Huxley Sheppard
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    We take the Images you create the Drama!

    Actor Kori Hughes
  • Glen Dolby
    Mark is a fantastic photographer who made me feel very relaxed and comfortable whilst keeping the shoot professional. I was left with a tough decision choosing from some great shots. If you need new headshots look no further than Mark.
  • Victoria Akers
    Yes I was very impressed with all of my photos and had a large selection to choose from. I have had a great deal of positive feedback about my headshots, and would use Mark again in the future.
  • Norman Yourell-Keating
    A fantastic session from one of the best and friendliest photographers around. The rates are cheap and also competitive for such amazing professionalism. I would whole heartily recommend considering Mark for anyone’s headshots and always do.
  • Matthew James Duff
    brilliant and professional!
  • Eddie Wilson
    Excellent value and a great photographer. I’d recommend Mark to anyone!
  • Lucy Packham
    Mark is very professional, but keeps the shoot casual and relaxed. I was sent the contact sheets straight away and found it hard to pick which ones, too many to choose from. Would highly recommend him to anyone.
  • Victoria Akers
    Yes I was very impressed with all of my photos and had a large selection to choose from. I have had a great deal of positive feedback about my headshots, and would use Mark again in the future.
  • Michael Eden
    Mark is very professional by getting the range of his subject and doing so in a kind and genuine way. He loves what he does and it’s a pleasure to be photo’d by him!
  • Agent Tarquin Shaw-Young Head of Casting Stagecoach
    An attention to detail from start to finish. Mark Davis’ photos are unique and dynamic so that every child or actor gets a bespoke head-shot created with state of the art processing to deliver a professional end result.
  • Joe McGann
    Mark makes having new headshots anything but a chore. He has great ideas, setting up before I arrived, and the session was easy and relaxed, and this showed in the great new Spotlight pic and the several other shots my agent has taken to use for castings. Technical excellence with the relaxed, personal touch- what more could you ask?  

Headshot sessions that capture and create dynamic images that will get actors noticed!

Mark is London born and bred, with a passion for photography. Over the past 25 years he has worked with thousands of actors, agents and become one of the UK’s leading headshot photographers.

Your Headshots are the first thing a casting director gets to see of you. So, If they’ve seen your headshot and you are invited in to meet them, you know you are what they are looking for!

Our 25 years of experience specialising in actors’ portraits, means that we will capture your unique style and look for your casting. Our work is a mixture of studio, daylight and commercial portraits. Our friendly and personable approach makes it easy for you to feel comfortable and at ease.

Our goal is to achieve a range of looks and styles for all our individual clients. The industry is changing all the time and we work hard to stay ahead of the game, always looking for the “MONEY SHOT”! Our technical expertise and second sense for capturing natural expression means we get the shot every time!

Check out our testimonial page, there are great compliments from casting directors, agents and many of our clients. Headshots are all about getting the image that works, there is no hidden magic!

If you want great headshots, give us a call!

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