As an actor, my headshots are first impression many people have of me. Being able to work with Mark was such an incredible honour, his knowledge of what the industry looks at in a headshot was incredibly insightful and the photography session was so stress free and enjoyable. His approach during this session allowed me to be relaxed and capture true images of myself that I am so proud of. I couldn’t suggest working with Mark more.

by Hannah Lockhart 2022

Charlie Earle

17th January 2022

Mark strikes a fantastic balance of consummate professionalism and cultivating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I have used his services more than once and have found him to also be attentive and adaptable when it comes to mixing his own expertise and advice with any requests that I may have based on my own vision of what I want from the shoot. But most importantly the end product is of the highest quality and I am sure I will return to Mark again when the need arises.

Hannah Lockhart

10th January 2022

As an actor, my headshots are first impression many people have of me. Being able to work with Mark was such an incredible honour, his knowledge of what the industry looks at in a headshot was incredibly insightful and the photography session was so stress free and enjoyable. His approach during this session allowed me to be relaxed and capture true images of myself that I am so proud of. I couldn’t suggest working with Mark more.

Matthew Field Actor

6th October 2019

“For actors, their headshot is their vital calling card to the industry. Get this wrong and it can have serious effects on their career. I have used Mark for over ten years now and he just gets better and better. I am sure like most actors I don’t like having my photograph taken but Mark makes me feel really at ease and he gives my agent and me a real dilemma as he gives me so many great options. So, I would whole heartedly recommend Mark if you are looking to get some headshots done”.

Eleanor Hill

24th August 2019

Earlier this year I entered the Mandy Monologue Competition and with the help of my wonderful supportive fellow actors who voted for me, I managed to WIN! As part of the prize package I got a headshot session with Mark and I am beyond happy with the results. Headshots can be a blooming awful experience, the pressure to get the hair, make up and tops right, then to get infant of the camera and try and do everything while doing nothing is for me a tad terrifying. Enter Mark. A really lovely Guy, he put me at ease straight away, asked me about myself, casting, experience etc and explained what he thought we should go for looks wise. He helped me choose the best tops and gave me brilliant advice on hair and make up. What I loved especially with Mark is the way he explained the process. I’m someone who likes to understand things, I’m an actor and I like good direction and that’s what he did. By explaining what he was looking for and what makes a great shot and then giving feedback about what I was doing he quickly managed to get me into a state where I was able to make an offering and give something to the camera, rather than sitting like a stunned deer in the headlights! After the shoot Mark kindly let me sit with Tea and flick through the pictures to get abs idea of what we had got and I was blown away. The images were brilliant and not because they were overly posed but because they were just me but alive and ready, this naturally meant that the process of narrowing the 300 odd pictures to my final 3 was a real challenge! I put out a shortlist to Twitter, Facebook, Friends, Family and industry folk and the reacting was so great and the final 3 I have chosen I feel incredibly happy with. They offer range or age, casting and states of strength and vulnerability. I can not recommend Mark enough, he is professional, personable, and  a great photographer an absolute dream to work with. THANK YOU MARK!!

Katie Jackson Jigsaw Arts

25th March 2019

We have been working with Mark for several years now and he is the only photographer that we recommend to our Jigsaw students who are seeking new headshots. This is because he consistently provides a fantastic service and very competitive rates. We are always provided with a huge range of shots to choose from, and it is always a very difficult decision to choose the right one as so many are brilliant. Mark is able to get the very best out of the children on the shoot, and they come away having had an excellent experience. Many of our students are in current West End roles and it is their headshot that gets them in the room in the first place. We highly recommend Mark!

Mary O’Hagan

7th April 2017

Woh! The photos are amazing. I am so pleased with the different looks. It gives me so much choice and family and friends agree.
So a BIG THANK YOU for doing such brilliant work. I have to scale down my choices as there are just so many good shots.

But meantime again my thanks for providing me with fabulous headshots, it really makes me feel more confident and secure in putting myself forward for work. As we say back home “Pure Genius”.

Agent Shane Collins Associates

1st July 2016

I have known Mark for over 20 years I am pleased to say I still send actors to him, He has a brilliantly relaxed style and is always a pleasure to deal with. Always confident that the shots will be of the highest quality.

Joe McGann

30th June 2016

Mark makes having new headshots anything but a chore. He has great ideas, setting up before I arrived, and the session was easy and relaxed, and this showed in the great new Spotlight pic and the several other shots my agent has taken to use for castings. Technical excellence with the relaxed, personal touch- what more could you ask?


Agent Sarah Turner Goldman’s Management

30th June 2016

Mark Davis is the only photographer I know that can shoot 150 kids in a day and there still be a choice of at least 3 beautiful pictures to choose from for every child, his quality is exceptional, he is a pleasure to work with and his photos get clients seen. Great value for money, fantastic pictures & a nice guy, what more could you want?


Matthew Field

12th June 2016

Mark, what can I say? I have used him now for my last 5 sets of photos. I hate having headshots done, or at least I did until I went to Mark. He creates a relaxed and fun environment in which to work and makes the process so easy and enjoyable. As my agent says, when it comes to photographs “he just seems to get me”. He is also very reasonably priced. Oh, and he makes a wicked cup of tea!!!

Victoria Penn

20th March 2016

Mark Davis of MAD Photography London is a superb photographer, his sessions are really relaxed, with such good results that you’ll have trouble picking a shortlist. He really goes the extra mile to make sure you’re happy with the final images, too.

Lesley Wheeler

13th February 2016

Mark was fantastic and put my teenage son at ease immediately and the finished shots were amazing!

Wesley Robinson

4th January 2016

Mark is a pleasure to work with. He is professional, informative and a talented head-shot photographer. I decided to use M.A.D as they were ranked top of the pops on casting call pro, additionally his pictures are truly amazing. I highly recommend M.A.D photography. 10/10

Victor Lamb

4th January 2016

After seeing the finished result of my head shots I could see Mark is a pure creative professional

Agent Tarquin Shaw-Young Head of Casting Stagecoach

13th October 2015

An attention to detail from start to finish. Mark Davis’ photos are unique and dynamic so that every child or actor gets a bespoke head-shot created with state of the art processing to deliver a professional end result.

Chinenye Ezeudu

13th October 2015

Mark was amazing he made me feel so comfortable and I think that’s portrayed in the photos the final picture’s came out so great and looked so natural, my smiles were never forced because mark would tell a lot of jokes that would keep me smiling through out the shoot. I would recommend MAD photography to any actor who wants amazing picture at such a great price. I should have come here sooner. Five stars.

Michael Eden

13th October 2015

Mark is very professional by getting the range of his subject and doing so in a kind and genuine way. He loves what he does and it’s a pleasure to be photo’d by him!

Glen Dolby

13th October 2015

Mark is a fantastic photographer who made me feel very relaxed and comfortable whilst keeping the shoot professional. I was left with a tough decision choosing from some great shots. If you need new headshots look no further than Mark.

Matthew James Duff

13th October 2015

brilliant and professional!

Annmarie Hodson

13th October 2015

Mark is the best photographer I have worked with! He is down to earth, made me feel at ease instantly and he got the results that I wanted! I wish I had gone to him years ago as his head shots are absolutely superb! I’ll *definitely* be back! And I even got a cuppa! Thanks Mark!

Jonathan Saunders

13th October 2015

Professional, experienced, friendly and most importantly a fine photographer. I left with a good choice of looks, both indoor and out, in studio and natural light. There were a lot of useable choices coming out of this session and choice is a very good thing.

Sally C Davis

13th October 2015

Fantastic photographer in a very warm and relaxed environment, they are the best head shots I have ever had taken.

Lucy Packham

13th October 2015

Mark is very professional, but keeps the shoot casual and relaxed. I was sent the contact sheets straight away and found it hard to pick which ones, too many to choose from. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

Richard Gittins

13th October 2015

An excellent photographer, taking professional head shots in a relaxed environment for a reasonable price.

Rose Blackley

13th October 2015

Mark is great fun, puts you at ease and made the afternoon fly – thank you very much, I’d recommend M.A.D to anyone.

Darren Travers

13th October 2015

Mark is a very good photographer. He makes you feel totally relaxed, comfortable and ready for a good photography session. I was really pleased that he did my photographs.

Jason Allen

13th October 2015

Mark is a great photographer. Had a hard time choosing from so many great shots. Definitely recommend him and will use him for future work.

Victoria Akers

13th October 2015

Yes I was very impressed with all of my photos and had a large selection to choose from. I have had a great deal of positive feedback about my headshots, and would use Mark again in the future.

Norman Yourell-Keating

13th October 2015

A fantastic session from one of the best and friendliest photographers around. The rates are cheap and also competitive for such amazing professionalism. I would whole heartily recommend considering Mark for anyone’s headshots and always do.

Eddie Wilson

13th October 2015

Excellent value and a great photographer. I’d recommend Mark to anyone!

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