Mountview Theatre School student head shots

14th January 2016

Lovely working with young actress Wallis Hamilton Felton, Wallis is studying at Mountview Theatre School.

With student head shots I try to get as many different looks as I can, studio, location, smiley and a strong acting shot, I think it’s important they have a varied choice for potential agents to pick from.

If you need to update your head shots check my new web site, we offer great deals for student head shots.

Actors new head shots London Tom Law

11th January 2016

Great to see actor Tom Law today and work with him on his new head shots. Tom is off to LA at the end of the month for the new pilot season. I have worked with Tom on his acting head shots many times over the years, this new shot shows a more mature and seasoned young actor. Tom is represented by DAA Management London.

Tim Bentinck alias David Archer, BBC Radio 4

4th January 2016

Great working with actor Tim Bentinck, Tim played David Archer in the BBc radio 4 series “The Archers“. Tim and I have been friends over 30 years, It’s always lovely to to get the chance to work with old friends when they need to update their head shots.

New web site for 2016

4th January 2016

So pleased with my new web site, things are starting to come together. I hope this new site is clearer and easier for my clients to find the information they need.

MAD Photography offers fantastic deals on head shots for actors, musical theatre performers and children’s theatrical agencies.

If you need to update your head shots or are looking for a fresh start to promote your talents in 2016, then lets start you off by getting some good head shots out there!

Have a great day Mark @ MAD Photography London

Ben Wells Headshots

22nd December 2015

Ben Wells Headshots

Actors head shots London, need to update your head shots?

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Ashley Gyngell Headshots

22nd November 2015

Watch out for Ashley Gyngell headshots over Christmas in War and Peace on BBC TV.

New head shots for Ashley, Ashley Paul Gyngell is represented by Arnould theatrical agency.

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