Actress Headshot London MAD Photography Amelia Nicholls

Actors head shots for Amelia Nicholls

Had fun yesterday working with young actress and singer Amelia Nicholls, Amelia was shaking like a leaf when she turned up for the shoot, she’d just had a call form SGA Production informing her she had been cast as the presenter for a new UK tour of the children’s CBeebies BBC TV show ‘Tree Fu Tom’. Amelia will be playing the character Sky Ranger! Well done.

Actress Headshot London MAD Photography Sophie Hind

Dancer Sophie Hind

Had to put this image on to my new site. I photographed Sophie a couple of years ago and we have stayed in touch on Facebook, it’s great to see her travelling the world working as a dancer. Well done Sophie!

Sophie Hind trained at Performers College.

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